iPhone 4 an Homage

The new iPhone is legit.  I’m sure you’ve read or heard the reviews. The screen is amazing and the camera/HD video are unparalleled in mobile phones. After using the Blackberry Curve 8320 this is like stepping into the future. It’s responsive, snappy, and manages to find itself useful in multiple facets of my life. I am always making lists: albums to pick-up, beers I like/need to try, books/comics to read, etc. Now I make lists in the Evernote app and sync it to my Mac and the web. It captures websites, images, and video too- a personal organizer in my pocket. I can also search my library site online and request items for pickup.

This Sunday Cristina and I went to the Farmers Market.  We picked up some delicacies whilst checking recipes for different veggie combinations.

During down time I am crushing people at Words With Friends.

I have also alphabetized every screen and folder in my app collection. A little OCD? Sure. It’s my experience though and I am more efficient for it.

C and I also FaceTimed with good friends back in Vegas. On my lunch break I FaceTimed with a buddy in Massachusetts. I actually had conversations of depth, rather than the usual tweets or text updates in which we often engage. We gave tours of apartments and working spaces/views. After a few minutes it felt natural. Moreover, I  manage my Fantasy Baseball team, check my bank account, listen to streaming music (Pandora plays exceptional tunes and I’m really picky), and so much more.

I look forward to more augmented reality apps. For instance, Yelp has a ‘monocle’ view that displays bars, restaurants, etc. based upon your location. These are bars in my neighborhood, all I had to do was stand up and aim my iPhone:

My next venture may take me deeper into comics; and there are a handful of free comic books in order to develop mass addiction.

The screen and  Apple’s ‘Retina Display’ are brilliant. It’s better than my computer and LCD TV. It takes resolutions and colors to a new level. It’s a great device and is working over-time on my behalf.



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2 responses to “iPhone 4 an Homage

  1. Taco

    Good job my friends, most insightful

  2. i thoroughly enjoyed this post. can’t wait to get my white one 🙂

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