We Got The Funk

Things have been funky (not in the stinky way). I guess that’s the deal when you’re getting laid-off from your first real career job, in which you have aimed for the utmost loyalty and professionalism. I’ve been laid-off before but that was as an undergraduate, living in a comfortable rent-free zone, also known as family. I moved to Sacramento for the work; soon the work will be gone. Uncertainty is a condition of which I’m no stranger. I didn’t know I’d be in Syracuse, I didn’t know I’d be in Seattle, I didn’t know I’d be back in Vegas, and I didn’t know I’d be in Sacramento. Perhaps it’s time to know and go to a city with a plan. Pick the city and move or apply away and find opportunity in an unknown place. I’m a fan of the former.

I have time to figure stuff out  but I’m not sure Sacramento will be a viable option, given the dismal economy and the lack of career options/growth. To this point, all I can do is take the experience in stride.



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3 responses to “We Got The Funk

  1. Ah man, that’s too bad dude. Why not stay is SacTown?

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