Disneyland: Star Tours

Disney is doing something awful. They are dismantling and ending the Star Tours ride that took us to a galaxy far, far away. The Last Tour to Endor is August 14th and I can’t help but shed some tears, scream with dark side rage, and eat soul soothing foods like Jabba. They are replacing a historical monument with a new Star Tours ride that will feature pod-racing. My guess it’s something gimmicky, like you’re headed on a tour of Tattoine or maybe Bespin, leaving Coruscant, then something goes wrong, and you end up in a pod race!? Whoa look out its little Anakain Skywalker! We must be in the Boonta Classic! And look it’s two hutts! And oh no! Turbine engines are flying everywhere!  YAH! Now this is podracing! ::ugh::

This is from my Disneyworld trip. That’s right DisneyWORLD. I put on a Han Solo swagger and rode Star Tours more times than I care to admit. I have other Star Tours pictures that I’ll post… one at a time. Slowly…painfully… one at a time.


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