The Dark Knight : Anatomy of a Panel

My dad sent me this comic book image. I’m sure this is from somewhere else/some other blog but it begs the question; in fact it begs/raises many questions.

A Beautiful Bat Morning at Wayne Manor

To begin, the opening lines claim that what we see are usual mornings “like any other” in the household of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. The image gives us Bruce stretching after a night of “good sleep” and Dick who appears to have been awake for a while, looking at Bruce and ” ‘way ahead of you”. Now Bruce goes on, confirming that their shared sleep was good and they should commence other shared activities: a cold shower and a big breakfast. Same bed okay it’s circumstantial at best, breakfast okay that could mean anything… but a cold shower! And why cold? What is Bruce avoiding here? He doesn’t like hot water or does the cold water counteract other physiological changes? And isn’t Bruce Wayne a billionaire? He could not only afford a separate bed and room for his ward but a whole house and continent! Moving on, Dick’s lines are more mature and crime detective oriented: he’s ready to go to the cave and fix the Batmobile. It makes you wonder who is in charge in this relationship? Perhaps, Dick keeps Bruce close so he doesn’t mess things up. Maybe Robin has always been the brains behind the dynamic duo.

Comic books, as a medium, leave things to imagination. Its one drawing to the next. Its not like a cartoon or a movie that fills in the gaps of movement and quick-time. We don’t know what happens in between panels but we are left to guess, for the most part, the obvious.


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