Batman & Robin

Grant Morrison has put together a masterpiece. I sat down and read issues 1-13 of his Batman & Robin run and am left amazed. While DC has done a number on my belief in their ability to stitch a story together, the first reason being Geoff Johns and the last reason being Kevin Smith; Morrison is having his way with the DC universe and  making it work. I’ve raved about the greatness of The Walking Dead comic (soon a TV show on AMC) but Morrison may be usurping the title of “Philippe’s Comic Champ”. The only problem I have with Morrison is, in my opinion, that he is best read in TPB or with several comics in hand. The details/storylines demand seamless reading. Reading one issue and then stepping away for a month will leave gaps in your Batman memory and only serve to confuse. He’s a terrific writer but if you want the full experience, to be thoroughly engaged in the story he hems around your brain and Gotham, pick up the TBP.  And to be certain, I feel this way about most things I’ve read by Morrison.



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  1. I think where Morrison in monthly format falls apart is that we tend to read it like it’s just any old comic where things are laid out fairly straightforwardly, plainly and logically. But Morrison’s always oblique. He’s a writer that demands that you pay attention, that demands that you remember what happened last issue (or last page) and piece some stuff together on your own. I feel engaged when I read his books as opposed to, say, a Bendis comic (and Bendis is great at what he does, dialogue, character & plotting) like Siege, where everything’s pretty much laid out for you in plain sight. Morrison’s comics, more than anybody else’s, make me feel like I got my money’s worth. I’m still digesting Seaguy, The Filth, Final Crisis, The Invisibles, his Batman saga, etc.

    • Simplistically cerebral is how I would describe it, if I had to use a gimmicky phrase. It’s not all over the place but each issue is its own journey that weaves into the next. I reread issue 13 because it’s that good/fun. He is setting the stage for so much (including the return of Bruce Wayne) … I can not wait for issue 14+. I think the solution to the Morrison dilemma is to read the current issue once per week until the next one is available… or once every two weeks if you’re time-strapped.

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