La Bonne Soupe Café

Sacramento’s cuisine gems are something of which to be proud. La Bonne Soupe Café sits downtown and is open during weekdays 10-2, saving lunch time crowds from the likes of Subway and Carl’s Jr. In a country where French food is ridiculously expensive; LBSC proves to be an exception: sandwiches range from $6 to $7.50 and soups $4. If M. Daniel (the owner/chef) wanted, he could open a fancier little joint and charge much more. He doesn’t.

Instead he is a one man task force, focusing on a single customer at a time, and allowing a queue of hungry people to fill the streets. Today, I got their early, stood in line for about 10 minutes, and dined on a meal of shrimp bisque and a sandwich of salmon poached in white-wine, tomatoes, asparagus, romaine lettuce, killer baguette, and a special French sauce:

To describe the affair in one word: rich. Certainly, not in the way of too much cream, butter, sugar, etc., but in the way of layered flavors, balancing textures, and smile inducing goodness. M. Daniel builds everything from scratch and pieces everything together one addition at a time. It’s done with love and attention, and it tastes that way.


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