Sitting at the airport

The title of this post leads to no mystery. Seattle’s light rail was delayed, no advanced notice in the tunnel either, and I was late for my flight. Now I find myself waiting 4-5 hours until the next departure to Sacramento. Southwest airlines has been awesome though, short of holding the plane for me, they checked my bag and didn’t charge me a late fee or change fee.

Now I’m watching an old dude fall asleep on the chair in front of me and spying on all the travelers. I just witnessed a guy throw his trash away like he was winning a gold medal. He looked into the heart of that bin and thrust his hand with force, good job guy. Now some tourist is lying down on the floor. Gross, dude, that floor sees a countless number of filthy shoes and drooling babies.

The most awesome thing at the moment though are parents wrangling their kids. The kid tries to wander off and the parent yanks them back. It’s like trying to get out of orbit but only more violent.

My next step will be to tour the concourse, eat my apple and peach, and then find a bar/food place. Check out all the cool eateries of which I can overpay! SEA-TAC GRUB AND DRANK!


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