Chips and Cider : An Event Pairing

This journey involved tasting some of Washington’s (and the world’s) finest ciders at Seattle’s first annual Cider Summit.

The weather was stellar and certainly enabled drinkers to tap out; several hours of apple beverage consumption can be a bit much. The vendors also proved informative and ready to chew a few ears off about the history of their apples, orchards, processes, labels, and their mother’s underoos.

Of note, the event was more laid-back compared to beer festivals and the lines for more popular ciders were minimal.

After getting cidered up I ventured off to spin the Seattle Weekly wheel of prizes. Prizes you could win included: stickers, crap, some other crap, condoms, and a bag of chips. I won the chips.

Being a douche of gastronomy I decided to pair the salt and pepper flavors of the potato chip varietal with fine cider. In summary, the pair is boring. Together the flavors don’t blend well and end up masking the important qualities of each. Salt, pepper, starch, and apple sweet/tartness didn’t work this time around. The cider overpowers the salt and the pepper overpowers the sweet.

Enjoy all-natural popchips™ and cider separately.

Next year I’ll be the guy with a bit of camembert and a baguette.


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