The Little Comic Reader

When I was a young lad my father set up a comic-book mail-in subscription for me. My title of choice was a  Spider-man classics run that started with reprints of the beginnings of Spider-man, Amazing Spider-man 1+ (and Amazing Fantasy #15). The publication went about 16 issues into Amazing Spider-man and then abruptly stopped. Imagine my dismay as I opened the mail-box, removed my monthly comic, and found that Marvel decided to send me Conan in lieu. Conan does not compare to Spidey. Replacing a 3rd grader’s comic-book, about a nerd turned super-hero, with an ancient tale of some bone-head is pretty lame. They could have at the very least substituted it with Iron Man or The Fantastic Four.

This brings us to today, where Conan remains  a distant memory of my childhood. However, as I walked through the comic shop this afternoon, I  saw this wild statue. A reminder of Marvel’s piss-poor decision to change up my subscription to classic 60s Spider-man tales with early 90s Conan… I sure hope that Green Goblin got what was coming to him, I may never know.

I don’t care what anyone says, Conan, you’re a tool.



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2 responses to “The Little Comic Reader

  1. Beer Retard

    Does your Conan hatred also extend to the Arnold “eating is not cheating” Schwarzenegger classic film–Conan the Barbarian?

    • Friends of P

      Nah, it’s purely comic form only. I can’t fault Robert E. Howard and his pulp pieces either, much less Arnie, for Marvel’s errors.

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