Reasonable Reviews : Inception

Christopher Nolan is doing a great many things right. His early works of Memento and Following still stand as movies you’d recommend to friends and even re-watch. The Dark Knight requires little introduction and I have yet to meet a sensible person who was not amazed.

Inception however is very different, combining the cerebral psychological thriller, an intense love drama gone wrong, an action/sci-fi flick, and the story of a man in exile.  At its heart though, Inception, is a heist-film. Capturing a noir-style style and flair, reminding me of predecessor films ( e.g. Le Samourai or Rififi), Nolan pushes the mixed-genre to its limit. The movie feels ahead of its time, as it takes the simple concept of a heist but twists it into a world based in dreams, idea implantation, and the laws of physics/ concepts of time denied. It’s a smart film with serious depth.

I found myself completely immersed in the characters, story, setting, and cinematography. If you saw it in theaters you had to have noticed the audience in total gasp as the last few seconds of spinning top rolled into the credits. Personally, the spinning-top is of little consequence. Focusing on that singular issue takes away from the last two hours that really matter. Two hours that took us into a world, oddly familiar, but excitingly new.


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