Blue Valentine (2010)

It was like Rocky but without the boxing.



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3 responses to “Blue Valentine (2010)

  1. Sounds like something my wife would like. Shes a fan of that dude actor dude.

  2. C

    Subjectivism! I don’t like to think that the abortion clinic scene nearly bringing me to tears in the theater was reaction that could only have been wrought through my lady-ness, but what do you think? Did that scene (or any other parts of the movie) affect you in a way that could be explained in anything more than this one-sentence review? I guess that is the subjectivism coming in. I suppose I thought more of this movie because it had more personal-applicability. Also, probably because I’ve never seen Rocky.

    • @C You’re trying to get me to write a real review! The movie was full of awkward and uncomfortable scenes… even the moments of touching love and eccentricity became awkward, as you knew what their ultimate destination would be. That scene was harsh but within the context of the film it didn’t deliver. That and you didn’t see Rocky.

      @gabe enjoy it if you see it!

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