Planet of the Apes : bluray

Blu-ray really  makes older movies pop (if converted correctly).  The scenes of Ape city and the forbidden zone are incredible . Fairly obvious given that the amount of data on a BD is ridiculous, easily trumping Netflix HD;  streaming technology and bandwidth can’t support the same resolution and quality.  The audio also stands as incredibly robust and complete. Not every movie needs to be on BD, but Planet of the Apes does.



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8 responses to “Planet of the Apes : bluray

  1. pml

    Dude I can’t believe you bought this, I am so jealous. Also jealous you have a blu-ray I still need to get one of those.

    • friends of p

      If you don’t jump now, the Star Wars bluray should convince you?

      • pml

        Yah dude I totally think Star Wars is going to be what gets me to buy one, especially since the only format I own it is the old VHS and the SE: VHS.

  2. I have that Blu-ray set too! Yea Planet of the Apes look awesome on Blu-ray!

    • friends of p

      I only have a handful of movies on bluray, what are your favorites?

      • Hmm…. for older films, definitely Planet of the Apes and Back to the Future, those two are brilliant movies with unbelievable picture quality. For more recent stuff, probably Transformers, The Dark Knight, and anything from Pixar. 🙂

  3. Dude, I watched this 3 hour special on the Planet of the Apes movies a long long time ago. I think PML was with me. I never knew that they came out with so many movies.

    I love it when movies are converted with the right quality to BD.

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