The King’s Speech (2010)

This movie won how many Oscars and nominations? Unbelievable (in The King’s Speech case, the term “won” is far more fitting than “earned). At best a 3 star movie, even though Colin Firth’s performance was well executed, the story-line was rather basic and uninvolved. And perhaps the glaring inaccuracies are enough to drop it a star or two as well. The laughs felt cheap, see swearing, as did our sorrow for Bertie, see no-friends. A person overcoming a disability or a trying time is something to note and for which we should feel great emotion. However, a wealthy king out of touch with his people doesn’t really grab my spirit. The ending scenes, of clapping and congratulations, felt forced and unremarkable. The King gave a speech, big deal. At least he realized just how powerless his role as “leader” really is. Long live the King indeed.


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