Thor (2011)

Kenneth Branagh is the perfect choice for directing the high elements of Asgard. Thor’s Shakespearean betrayals, grandeur, war, familial relations, and tragedy are well produced for mass consumption. Roided Chris Hemsworth proves a worthy Thor, where his foil, Loki, is strongly played by Tom Hiddleston. Odin, the Frost Giants, the Destroyer, anything and everything in Asgard and Bifrost make the movie great, akin to Lord of the Rings. Yet, perhaps appropriately, it is the earthly portion that pales in comparison.

Natalie Portman does little for the film. While, SHIELD versus the freedom of astronomical pursuits feels tacked on. In the vein of Shakespeare, the New Mexico saga  should have been aimed at groundlings. Instead we are left with dry drama and forced comedy, assisted along by dispersed action scenes.  I have little confidence in a sequel, unless it’s a Thor second to Iron Man, Captain America, etc. Thor is better than Iron Man 2, but certainly not Iron Man  nor The Dark Knight.


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