Midnight In Paris (2011)

The positive one word reviews for the latest Woody Allen film, Midnight In Paris, are absolutely true: wondrous, spell-binding, elegant, charming, enchanting, magical, etc. It captures the humor in Woody Allen’s early comedies, like Sleeper and Love & Death, while also the fantastic of The Purple Rose of Cairo.  I loved this movie. 4 out of 5 stars.

And while I am only half way through all of Allen’s movies, I can see this within the top 10 at the least.



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6 responses to “Midnight In Paris (2011)

  1. Man, P, to say you have a Man-Crush is an understatement…

    • Friends of P

      What can I say the man makes some great movies. Hopefully I won’t get burnt out watching all his films this year- so far so good.

  2. I think you will like “Everyone says I love you” too if you like “Midnight in Paris”. Another of my favorite Woody Allen Film.

  3. Ali and I watched this movie tonight, I thought it was really good. I somehow feel that the reason I don’t see more W Allen movies is because I feel that his movies are very bourgie. That is all.

    • Friends of P

      Glad you liked it. I think there are a number of Allen films you would like even more. Perhaps even appreciate in a non-bougie sense.

      -Annie Hall
      -Crimes & Misdemeanors
      -Purple Rose of Cairo
      -Vicky Cristina Barcelona

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