Super 8 (2011)

Good but not great, Super 8 manages to perfectly capture action and excitement but misses on the emotional register, unlike E.T. and The Goonies. Luckily, the movement is constant enough to cover-up the archetypal  plot, villain, and dénouement.  Still it remains an interesting film and a ‘must-see’ summer block-buster.



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2 responses to “Super 8 (2011)

  1. 1. Head on collision should have obliterated the truck and the driver. There is no way he could’ve survived it.

    2. How the heck did the kids car have no damage whatsoever when debris was flying EVERYWHERE? They still had a clear path to drive away from the mess. The whole TRAIN STATION blew up!

    3. Magnetism pulled anything metal to the spaceship. Cars, guns, bikes, you name it, even the kids necklace. But the kids dad show up in a jeep no problem.

  2. pml

    I was going to comment on this and then I saw what Gabe wrote so there’s nothing to add except, I liked a movie about kids and adventure a la Goonies. That part was pretty cool just no where near as good as a ton of other movies that tried to accomplish the same thing. And JJ Abrams is the hackiest hack that ever hacked and this movie just re-enforced that.

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