Owen: Ghost Town (2011)

All things American Football and Owen have long been my musical favorites. Personal for the most part but the Kinsella music brand stands on its own artistic legs.

Ghost Town had me for the the first 3 songs. I thought, “the son of a bitch has done it again.” It seemed to be an album that blended qualities of the first Owen album and the best of those thereafter. But god damn it all, Mike Kinsella got all Jars of Clay on me. The 4th track titled “I believe “- is exactly as it sounds, a testament of faith and a belief in the mythic. I could give a rats ass about personal gods in private life but with an artist I have listened to for over a decade… This caught me off guard.

It’s not the only Jars of Clay type song on the album either. I am completely pulled out of enjoying those Ghost Town songs. Is this my fault? Not entirely. Far be it for me to demand and expect things from artists, but proselytization is a different sort of business all together. This dude does not abide.



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