Dear Red Sox: Not Terry

The haze of loss, hang-over, piss-poor sleep, booze breath, and stench of depression still hang above me. I am accustomed to my sports teams falling short or losing often. Yet this season was something entirely different. They were selected winners before the season began. Theo Epstein, Red Sox GM, wants to be a dynasty maker and this was his most expensive attempt. Truth quickly revealed that they were really  losers from the start, they surged later on but the team dynamic was not there. The flare of those 2004 & 2007 teams was not there. I’d like to blame Theo for picking up some of the most ridiculous players. For settling on worn pitchers paired with a pitching coach I didn’t trust from the start (our old pitching coach left this year to coach the Toronto Blue Jays). Let me tell you, when John Farrell left I knew we’d be done. I called it when the season started, our pitching will suck ass. And guess what it did, hard.

So Theo sticks with the new pitching coach, Curt Young, and saddles the team with John Lackey and Eric Bedard for trash pitching. When our aces get hurt and pitch like shit nothing happens to Curt Young. I’d like to believe that if the Sox went after Cliff Lee or Doug Fister the team would have fared better, but probably not. So now the GM, John Henry, and other higher-ups of the franchise might be canning top-notch coach Terry Francona. In perspective here are Francona’s GM stats:

Win–Loss record   1001–864
Winning %   .527

744-552 record with the Red Sox with a good record against the Yankees. Oh and he led us to two world championships and many playoff spots. Sure it is partly his fault the team couldn’t string together RBIs or throw an inning or two without giving up game winning runs, but the greater blame falls on the players, the pitching coach, and Theo Epstein for putting together a team that can’t play ball. Terry went with what he had: ailing pitchers, a team that didn’t get along, and overpaid bums (whom he could not bench due to the control/ire of the management).  If the Red Sox ditch Tito then I hope he performs exceptionally as he always has, showing Theo yet another one of his many mistakes as GM… ahem Dice-K.



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3 responses to “Dear Red Sox: Not Terry

  1. Dude, it is really sad. I feel like it’s too quick that they made Tito the scapegoat. The clubhouse I hear was in the dumps. There’s a lot of speculation about what went on this season that we will probably never hear until a tell-all book is published.

  2. pml

    I heard that Tito made the decision, but that could always be some decision to make it look mutual. I’m sure they won’t let him right anything for a long time. Whatever though I mean he will always be loved in Boston and if anything this will make folks like him more.

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