The Walking Dead S02E01

Here it is, the moment we’ve all waited for, season 2 of The Walking Dead. Season 1 fell weakly and it’s a shame that they picked up where they left off. While the opening scene, featuring “the herd” built suspense and concern, it was preceded with Rick Grimes droning on far too long on a walkie-talkie. What made even less sense was meandering their way through the parking lot highway and stalling with a dead RV. Seeing as there were about 100+ vehicles from which to choose and move on. Alas, the journey took us into the forest where Rick savagely beats the brains out of some zombies. The scene itself and the CGI rivaled each other in cheapness.

The search for the Sofia may have been the worse turning point of the episode. Running around the woods, à la Blair Witch, did not build up the suspense that they had going with “the herd”. Instead, it deflated. More drivel followed with the church scene. And the mystery event that marked the end topped-off a meaningless episode. If the character relationships weren’t so half-baked the episode may have fared better. In the end The Walking Dead is just plain forgettable.


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