Coraline (2009)

After carving up some pumpkins and eating giant slices from Big Mario’s we

watched Coraline.

This is Cristina's Scary Ass Pumpkin

Via chat, my buddy Sarah guests blogs.

9:51 AM sarah: i wanna hear your thoughts on Coraline
9:53 AM me: So do I. I’ll write up a little blog post in a few hours, working on some projects at the moment. You’ll have to tell me your thoughts!
10:00 AM sarah: the movie was beautiful, and they did the creepy thing very well. but i thought some of the conflicts were resolved too quickly. looking for those kids eyes took like 5 min and it was way too easy and then the children warn she’s in danger because there is a hand roaming around? a hand that can be defeated with a rock?
10:01 AM but i did love the movie, just a little too easy to resolve once they decided to get into it
me: hahaha! perfect! can I just take this for my blog cause I agree.
10:03 AM sarah: heh, i figured you would
me: It’ll be a guest post.
10:14 AM sarah: haha, copied straight from gchat
10:16 AM me: heck yes The movie got a little corny with the eggs talking to here. It went from being an A film to B with that little deus ex machina

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