American Apathy

I’m not sure how many people remember Sherrice Iverson and her awful murder at the hands of a bastard at Primadonna Casino. But as a kid in Nevada at the time, her story completely shocked me out of the suburban-lull that had been riding bikes, beating up my younger brothers, and kicking ass at Street Fighter. This shocking episode made greater headlines when it was discovered that the murder’s friend witnessed the crime and ignored it. Nevada being one of the more horrendous States had no laws to prosecute the friend. Only after the fact did a bill pass, good-Samaritan laws so to speak.

This leads us today’s debacle at Penn State. Save a murder crime scene, the Penn State child-rapes are obtusely similar to the Sherrice Iverson case. To be honest, I’ve avoided this news like the plague. Luckily, my buddy Dan has some clear and charged words on the topic and on the flip-side he’s been mildly obsessed.


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  1. Thanks for Remembering Little Sherrice Iverson.
    Recently I did a Blog on Titled: David Cash Jr. Where Are You?? Thought We Forgot About You Didn’t Ya???..My views remain the same in this case, I feel David Cash Jr., is by least less than a Coward. Not sure if their a definition for his Charactoristic Behavior. There are 2 videos on Youtube (part 1 & 2) from a 60 Minutes interview with David on the Berkeley College Campus. The videos are worth watching if your interested in what Denial & Coward Sum looks like…

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