Comic Update

When it comes to picking up my funny books in a consistent and punctual manner I am thee worse. However with this latest round of pile pick-ups I’ve made it through some new titles and have been lucky enough to read a number of series’ issues.

Animal Man # 1-3 may be my favorite DC 52 book. Admittedly, I have yet to read Swamp Thing and there remains over 40 I won’t read; but don’t let that fool you. Animal Man is the cat’s meow! It’s zany, personal, wild, and a challenge to comicdom. If you want something that isn’t conventional and is startling, Animal Man is the man.

Action Comics #1-3 has made some headlines and is written by esteemed and perhaps now over-hyped Grant Morrison. As of late (see Batman Incorporated, Morrison has been phoning it in). This Superman iteration is nothing too great or exciting. I’ll give it a few more issues though.

Batman Detective Comics #1-3 is eerie, expanding a Silence of the Lambs type story arc. That I sincerely hope pays off. So far Batman / Bruce Wayne has been so-so in development but I’m giving it time.

OMAC #1-3 provides a stand-up story-line and delivers on the Kirby future-fiction. The oddities of this universe, Checkmate, and Brother Eye could have made for some confusing comics. Luckily it’s moderately paced and fun. Unfortunately the art is stagnant and the frames feel shallow. The action scenes lack the oomph it deserves.

Daredevil #1-5 by Mark Waid is the cream of the crop: terrific tales, exciting action, and just an overall pleasure to read and see.


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