Take Shelter (2011)

Simply put, I just didn’t dig this movie. I’m a Michael Shannon fan based upon his role in Board Walk Empire. However that wasn’t enough to carry this film. Plus, Jessica Chastain gave a better performance over-all. Certain moments I found myself nearly laughing my head off. The film’s ending actually tickled me silly. Take Shelter meanders and wastes time with cinematic filler and attempts at stylized shots- all of which lend little to the movie’s character and thematic developments.

There were touching moments and thrilling scenes; and I did hope that the family would rise above their problems and make it out of the mire. Perhaps the worst part is the film’s message regarding modern science and psychology, as it left a near Scientology bitterness hanging in my mouth. Terrible message, placates to basic human emotions to attain audience concern, and a nonsensical wrap-up make Take Shelter pretty lame.


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