Letters to a Young Contrarian (2001)

Any fan of Christopher Hitchens should own this work.  Letters to a Young Contrarian is a reservoir of wisdom and insight that never dries nor tires. While it’s best to never entirely agree with any single person Hitchens offers a way in which to view and tackle the world that champions honesty and fact. The problem with this assessment though is that it is preaching to the choir, to borrow a religious metaphor. Christopher’s “letters” are best read by the opposition, especially those that disagree with his anti-theism and anyone looking to uncover reasoned world-views in light of individual and Global issues.



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2 responses to “Letters to a Young Contrarian (2001)

  1. I read this book a long time ago like when I was 16. I should read it again. The cover to this book though has always cracked me up. Wtf was he thinking with the popped collar? Haha it’s ridiculous.

    • oneupdownstairs

      As I read this book I wondered at what age would it be most appropriate to have read it. Mostly, at 16 we are too filled with answers and responses initially ingrained. We aren’t truly open to questioning world views. Nor do we comprehend them, solipsistic little heathens that many teenagers are.

      Sophomore year of college?

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