Darwin and the Tree of Life (2009)

If you happen to be too busy (or rather too lazy) to read such classics as Dawkins’ The Greatest Show on Earth or Coyne’s Why Evolution is True, then dear reader you are in luck: for Sir David Attenborough’s engaging and thought provoking documentary will enlighten. It’s a quick and illustrious tour of earth’s life and evolution, offering additional insight into the science of evolution, Darwin, DNA, fossil records, etc. Its efforts reach millions if not billions of years back to support one of the most valuable scientific facts in the last 150 years or so.

A clip from the documentary on the eye’s evolution:



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2 responses to “Darwin and the Tree of Life (2009)

  1. ooh, is this on Netflix Streaming?

    • Friends of P

      Darwin and the Tree of Life is available on Youtube, in 6 parts. If you want some other Netflix streaming gems, search: David Attenborough. The results are terrific. I bet this one kicks ass: David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials.

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