Eagle vs Shark (2007)

When you consider Miranda July films you’re given characters who are often hyper-aware of their own existence. They are quick to impress us with their quirks, well-delivered lines and responses, and unbelievable conscious abilities. No doubt her movies are truly farcical tales. Eagle vs Shark is the opposite (in those terms but not in terms of quality). EvS’s main characters are barely aware of the world around them and live in a bubble of inanity. They are worse than caricatures as they don’t even amuse. The story-line takes the audience on a journey to nowheres-ville, New Zealand where absolutely nothing enjoyable or thought-provoking happens. I’d call it a train wreck but that would have been better.  Eccentric personalities and stylish-directing does not make a movie, rather they attempt to cover-up the scars of non-existent character growth and story developments, a plotless plot, and the sad fact that this movie is in total a complete bore.


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