Classics of Love (2012)

This is the dosage of punk you’ve been looking for in the new year. The latest release from Classics of Love is not a drawn out affair but a quick 23 minutes of energy and in your ears classic 80s-esque punk. You can stream the whole album here (or pick it up on the cheap from Amazon). The 4th track, Gun Show, is my current favorite.




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2 responses to “Classics of Love (2012)

  1. Listened to this a couple times this morning. Not bad at all, definitely more in my wheelhouse than Common Rider was. “Would-Be Kings” stood out on first listen.

    • Friends of P

      I could not get into Common Rider at all. Not sure what the deal was, perhaps they were trying to not be like OpIvy and/or trying to do something different that made it fall flat with me.

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