Tintin (2011)

Every so often there are movies that have to be seen on the big screen. Tintin astounds in 3D and just might be the best non-documentary 3D film I have witnessed. Or it could have been the recently upgraded IMAX theater with specially-designed glasses and first-rate everything that made Tintin unbelievably immersive. I seriously forgot I was wearing glasses. Another bias of note is that I’ve been a fan of Tintin since being a young lad.¬† Despite all that there is no denying that Tintin is action packed, full of surprises, and probably heralds a new/improved style of movie-making/watching.



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2 responses to “Tintin (2011)

  1. That movie was fun, but I did opt out on the 3D thing. I’m just not buying into 3D in general so Im not spending my dollars at all to keep them making movies in this format.

    • Friends of P

      I’m not sure I would have paid for 3D either if our tickets weren’t free. I have to say though: Cave of Forgotten Dreams and Hubble 3D made me a believer.

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