The Hunger Games (2012)

The Hunger Games film is under comparison attack. Is it better than the book? Is it just ripping off the Japanese cult-favorite Battle Royale? And the oddest, is it emo? Yah, it ain’t no Godfather, but comparisons only get us so far and the routine is best saved for High School essays. The real question is: does the movie stand on its own merits? I say yes. The characters are developed in an engaging and caring manner.  The villains even become an enigma that you don’t absolutely hate and for whom you develop some compassion. The change in scenery, social-class dynamics, film technique, and dialogue create a world that is novel and utterly sci-fi. The Hunger Games definitely has its limits and doesn’t broach topics of violence, governmental control, religion, sexuality, etc.  in an adult manner; yet mitigated impact is expected when it comes to works marketed towards young-adults. Will The Hunger Games become a cult-classic? I have no idea but Stanley Tucci’s scenes are definitely classic.


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