Uncanny X-Force: A quick look

The physical presence of funny-books has been a burden since childhood. Thanks to the ol’ iPad I am consuming comics with ease.

Uncanny X-Force was one of those titles wherein one would exclaim that, “this X-Force is pretty dope” and those within earshot would respond, “really? x-force?”. The author, Remender, and artist, Opena, did a zany-good job in the first 4 issues of The Apocalypse Solution (again: really? apocalyspe?).



 photos from this super-thorough review.

The next in the series (up to issue 19): Deathlok Nation and Dark Angel Saga 1 & 2 kept the badassedness flowing. Every issue felt crisp and new. You were taken on an adventure, delved into the characteristics and eccentricities of heroes and villains, and constantly engaged. It never felt stagnant, played-out, recycled, etc. At any rate, the comic has switched artist and tanked. I’m not sure how good this story-line is because the crummy art is mind-bendingly distracting. I’m fairly certain the story stinks and holds little meaning. The latest story-line’s action, scenario, moments of contemplation, and character interaction are too forced.

Worse than the fact that it is slap-dash is that the characters don’t live in the panels together. They are drawn disjointed and unattached to those around them.  In the third panel Captain Britain’s right-hand is mangled. Good enuff for a newspaper comic-strip but not for what once was a strong Marvel title.


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