Prometheus (2012)

Prometheus stands as a typical blockbuster: multi-million dollar budget, hollywood A-listers, and CGI galore. While visually stunning and thrilling the Alien prequel misses out on what could have been a terrific story, character developments, and meaningful exploration. Instead it raises more questions than it answers, offers dissatisfying histories, and  purposeless characters. If you walk in expecting nothing more than eye-candy and tense moments, you won’t be too let down. But if you expect a cohesive compelling story, you will be successfully annoyed.



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2 responses to “Prometheus (2012)

  1. Yeah, I actually feel the same way. This idea of raising more questions was intended from the writer guy, Damon Lidleoff (sp?). I was not too keen on that idea. I didn’t care about the characters either….especially Shaw and Holloway.

    • Friends of P

      Everyone enjoyed David, interesting and novel… But it didn’t go much further than that unfortunately. Maybe a Prometheus 2 won’t stink as bad.

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