Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

It has been nearly a month since my last post, see Prometheus. What better way to spark the typing fingers than with one of the best movies 2012 has offered thus far. Readers may note that I have certain fondness for Wes Anderson films that some may view as jading. Yet, as a reasonable and a man compelled to pick apart the minutiae and shortcomings of even my most prized films, I will do my best to give Moonrise Kingdom a fair shake.

Just kidding, I could not find anything wrong this movie. And it just might be my favorite Wes Anderson joint. Wes flexes his director eye and ability to cut the excess. Weighing in at 94 minutes Moonrise is a quick jaunt through the complexity of young love and family dynamics. Clever, witty, and engaging only begin to describe it. Some of the CGI comes off as goofy but it is a meaningless comment and perhaps the CGI’s obviousness is for dramatic effect– giving it a more dire/graphic touch. At any rate–go see this movie.


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