The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


Christopher Nolan is a true artist. His ability to craft movies that stick in your brain and have you contemplating scene after scene moment after moment go nonpareil. The Dark Knight Rises may be the most successful Batman to date pursing the cerebral avenue. Part and parcel to this is the humor. Dialogue betwixt Alfred/Lucius Fox and Bruce are often jovial jabs that relieve tension. Nolan’s 3rd Batman film manages a bit more humor than in the past whilst maintaining the serious tones of mischief, mayhem, and murder. Nolan’s work always proves partial to heist/noir genres and it’s a wonder to see him at it again. All of the above combines with super-hero lore, delivering fan-boy smiles at an unbelievable rate (I might say he pandered a bit but didn’t cross the line). We’ll see how TDKR shapes up on 2nd and 3rd viewing but it stands as a success.


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