Slatwall : Local Punk

It ain’t often that a new/local band catches my attention. Call me an old man of old habits, or music curmudgeon if you will, but Slatwall has me singing a different tune. I’d say they are reminiscent of the mid- late 90s/early 00s punk (see Asian Man Records) . Luckily I didn’t find their stuff post-breakup or something. You can listen to their latest 3 song release here: Also available is a 3 song cassette recording, this older release includes the endearing sounds of shitty audio too.



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2 responses to “Slatwall : Local Punk

  1. Hey there! I just stumbled upon your review and wanted to say Thank you for the positive response and kind words! Reading that definitely made my night! the new tape will be available next week and hope to see you at the tour kick off show on Friday, sept 21st @ the kraken!

    • Friends of P

      @Cory It was my pleasure to write up this blurb. Can’t wait to hear the new tape. Wish I could make the show but I’ll be out of town. Good luck with the tour, I’ll catch you guys again without a doubt.

      I saw the FB post too, thanks for the hat-tip. Pizza, beer, and punk rock are the finest, reminds me of the movie Glory Daze too.

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