Looper (2012)

Looper is riding a 93% over at Rotten Tomatoes. That’s pretty insane considering Blade Runner is at 92% & Die Hard at 94%. After analysis, a few beers, and a night to mull: I’d give Looper a 75%-80%. The strongest points remain Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis delivering action-packed and whirlwind scenes- gracefully and brutally directed. The first hour or so of the film had me tuned in. The dystopian future, time travel, mob assassinations, and the allure of 2042 technology/drugs/economics make for a cinematic dream and clever film. Unfortunately those concepts aren’t enough for writer Rian Johnson, taking the film into some odd-ball sci-fi direction (it works but feels tacked on). Looper has it both ways when it comes to plot development and story-line, offering no clear answers and multiple time-line gimmes.  When put to the test it’s pure cop out.

Would I watch it again? Probably. Yet it’s hard to imagine my not finding further issues (i.e. pointless love scene/development, TK rigmarole, mobsters not taking care of business, Jeff Daniel’s stoolie’s motivations, the over emphasis on the Rain Maker,  etc.)


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