Reason in Revolt: Marxist Philosophy and Modern Science

I just can’t get through this book. Reason in Revolt – Dialectical Philosophy and Modern Science usurps honest science and attempts to prove Marxist claims. My GoodReads review is as follows:

Making my way through this book and am finding it a poor scientific read in light of works by Jared Diamond, Brian Cox, Richard Dawkins, and Jerry Coyne. New Atheism works also do much to explain current scientific developments, history, etc. without brow-beating capitalism. The authors open up with threats against the Big Bang and The Standard Model? They continue to praise “prophecies” made my Marx/Engels but fail to register their philosophical shortcomings. Reason in Revolt is straddling a fine line between cogent argument and lunatic rambling.

I’d rather read true science works that admit to faults and improvements in a given field. One of my best friends recommended this title and I’m not quite sure what his reasoning really is. Perhaps (like Ron Paul-ites or conspiracy theorists) they see a firm relationship between human politics/economics and evolution/star formation. My opening rant went like this:

I’ll start with the opening problems. 1) Trying to invalidate The Standard Model and The Big Bang to prove his coming treatise on the human condition. 2) Likening Marx to Galileo.  3) Not getting anywhere thus far with the capitalism bashing, other than people are greedy and the third world is suffering- not much of an argument when there are real non-profits and citizen-philanthropist (see Bill Gates) looking to alleviate the greed/capitalist destruction.

I’ll end with the pluses: 1) Proclamations against religion.

I’m not a fan of trying to use cosmology or basic biology/genetics to make a political/economic statement; since it often sounds like the ravings of the mad and is suspect. Yet Neil DeGrasse Tyson often illustrates why NASA is good for us:
If one cared to dig deeper there is a reason this work remains a fringe piece and not a scientific text, and it sure as hell ain’t “the man”.

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