Coming Up For Air (1939)

I should have a decent post on this thoughtful book in a bit. For now here is my prelim review:

Just about half way through and I have to say that Coming Up For Air is a contender in the Orwell catalogue. While it isn’t as heavy handed as Nineteen Eighty Four or Animal Farm, nor as visceral as Down and Out in Paris and London; it is a great deal more compelling than Burmese Days. Mostly because Burmese Days tended to characterize the plot and players in rather plain ways. The final act was rather lackluster as well.

The messages Coming Up For Air gives us, really show how little life has changed (comparing Pre/Post WWI with today): war, economics, family, education, class systems, and free will. We’ll see if Orwell can deliver on the engaging set-up.

Orwell does indeed deliver. As a note, immediately following the publication of this title came his two famed works. The three should be generally sold as a set.


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