Lincoln (2012)

Good but not great is my final assertion regarding Spielberg’s latest cinematic achievement. Terrific acting and beautiful scenes help convey the story of the waning days of the civil war, the ratification of the 13th amendment, and Lincoln’s days and ways. Sadly, the comedic relief feels out of place and manages to disturb the tone. Joe Leavitt’s character leaves us with something very little, an odd choice of casting given his onscreen recognition. Many of the conversations delve into anachronisms, as if explaining historical analyses today and offering defenses. Daniel Day-Lewis always acts his damned pants off and will probably score an Oscar. Yet, if he isn’t dealing in insanity or mad violence I am left wanting more.


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  1. pml

    Well I’d have to disagree with you. The attention to detail in the movie & script I thought was fantastic. Not sure what anachronisms you’re talking about though. Do you think that Lincoln didn’t think about posterity at all? or that they weren’t as cagey thinkers as people are today? Also I personally thought that the comedy was well placed and helped break up some of the seriousness of the film.

    I would agree though that Mary seemed a bit too self aware of perhaps how she would be perceived. And I’m willing to bet that Levitt originally had a bigger role that ended up getting edited out for time constraints otherwise it does seem it could have been played by anyone.

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