The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

Gotta admit that I enjoyed The Hobbit even more the 2nd time around; even though I really dug the high 48 FPS during my first viewing. The second time was IMAX regular ol’ 3D.

Strictly my fault, when watching some films I analyze too much and over-think director’s and actors’ mindsets/goals. This  becomes even worse when I am familiar with the source material. I let all that go the 2nd time and The Hobbit is definitely a fantasy-film achievement. It manages to capture the look, feel, and movement of a fantasy novel. The adaptation is perfect as is the added story-lines from The Silmarillion. Others may moan about the light-hearted scenes and the Three Stooginess. For some reason viewers expect a dark and macabre tone made popular by the LOTR movies and Batman films. The chance of pace is welcomed and the adventure truly unexpected.



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