Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)

As a caveat, I had many a drinks before watching this film so I may be a bit biased in giving it so many positives. While J.J. Abrams manages yet again to focus the elements that make Star Trek a wonder to behold, the title doesn’t make too much sense. There really isn’t a darkness that anyone goes into that they weren’t already in. Though there is a really dark tinted ship, so maybe that’s what they mean? At any rate, the casting is on the money and the twists and turns keep things engaging. The story does its job in pulling your emotions this way and that way, on top of the sheer action-packed thrill ride and gorgeous CGI. Cumberbatch does a mean Khan impersonation and the Spock/Kirk love-story doesn’t feel stale or played-out. Last but not least, Peter “Robocop” Weller is in Star Trek: Into Darkness, playing a prominent role. That said, Peter Weller alone is worth the ticket cost. Image



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