Superman (2013)

The first 30 minutes or so really took my by surprise: it was pure sci-fi in media res and all that. I could easily rant, like the rest of the net, that Superman doesn’t live up to the comic book and isn’t even a comic movie. Yet, what it lacks in the funny strip department it makes up for in action and zany alien encounters; but then loses in flat acting, redeemed only by Costner and Crowe. I guess this is the Superman people want, a Dark Knight version filled with somber-tones, anger, genocide, murder, etc. Obviously Superman is not Batman, thus the latest movie misses out on what could have been something fun. Reflecting back on the 1978 version, it was better, and the sequel hosted Richard Pryor (though the movie stinks). Adjusted for inflation the predecessor films did make more dinero too. I really wish I had more to say about Superman, sadly it lacked substance and managed to feel contrived.



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  1. Um…dude…I think this movie is called Man of Steel.

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