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Official “2013, Best Of” Friends of P Edition


In terms of volume consumed 2013 may have been the worst year since my lists began in 2008. Though I can’t complain (much) about the results.

[2008 and 2009 Best of Lists2010 List2011 List, & 2012 List]

Film: Her by Spike Jonze

Film Runner-up: Gravity & Pacific Rim

Let down film: Iron Man 3 (iegads)My memory must have temporarily erased the worst 2013 film, Superman.

TV Show: House of Cards

Album: Owen L’Ami du Peuple & Night Terrors of 1927 Guilty Pleas EP

Book read this year: Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher Saga & Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood

Comic: Dark Horse’s Star Wars by Brian Woods

Restaurant: Lil Woody’s Burgers, Seattle, WA

Hardware: XboxOne & 55” Panasonic LED-LCD

Software: MLBtv

Video Game: Dead Rising 3 & Assassin’s Creed IV

Coffee: Le Petit Outre, Missoula, MT

Bar: Rum Club, Portland, OR



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Official “2012, Best Of” Friends of P Edition

Film: Django Unchained

Film Runner-up: Moonrise Kingdom & The Avengers

Let down film: The Amazing Spider-Man

TV Show: Walking Dead (finally)

Album: Mean Jeans On Mars

Book read this year: Christopher Hitchens’ Mortality

Comic: Marvel’s FF (Future Foundation)

Restaurant: Café Flora, Seattle, WA

Hardware: iPad

Software: RDIO

Video Game: Halo 4

Coffee: Voxx, Seattle, WA

Bar: Cannon, Seattle, WA & Commonwealth, Las Vegas, NV

[2008 and 2009 Best of Lists2010 List, & 2011 List]

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Mass Effect 3 in Light of Skyrim

This is a rather nerd-centric post but I’m trying to figure out if I need to get Mass Effect 3. Not need in the sense of a colonoscopy at age 40 but close. As of late Skyrim has turned the video game world upside down. It offers a nearly endless and expansive world set in the times of mages, dragons, murder, and kings. The sheer amount of quests, missions, and guilds you can join is insane. Want to be a thief go for it. Want to murder people for money, sure why not. Want to hunt down dragons and destroy some rebels, you got it.

Mass Effect 3 won’t be like this. It’s a fairly linear game where working on the main quest is essential. Wandering around from planet to planet isn’t rewarding even in the sense of discovery. I loved the hell out of ME2 but I waited a year saved $50 and was fine. Skyrim I am glad to have had so soon.  ME’s multi-player doesn’t seem that fantastic and “better with kinect” isn’t going to sell the game. Essentially it’d be $60 for more of the same as ME1 and ME2 but with cleaned up graphics and streamlined game-play. I played through the ME3 demo and found myself fast-forwarding through the cut-scenes and not too engaged with the action. It was actually kind of boring after playing Skyrim for a zillion hours.

I’m wrapping up some things in Skyrim and will probably put the game down after this week to focus on Batman Arkham Asylum before ME3 comes out. Maybe I’ll give the demo another shot but I just can’t imagine picking up ME3 right away. Batman definitely will eat up the hours and by that time I may want to visit Skyrim again or check-out Fallout for the first time.


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