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Official “2011, Best Of” Friends of P Edition

Admittedly I wasn’t blisteringly excited to make this year’s list as compared to years past. Despite a surely ridiculous amount of comics, books, movies, video games, etc. devoured, and proving most pleasant to my palate.  Guess I’m past 2011, as 2012 offers The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit, more science, more ideas, more pizza, more Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, etc.

Film: Drive

Film Runner-up: Hubble 3D (technically 2010 but whatever) / Midnight in Paris

Let down film: X-Men First Class

TV Show: Game of Thrones (duh)

Album: Flashlights I’m Not Alone (not a well vetted category)

Book read this year not necessarily published: Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

Comic: Daredevil

Restaurant: Proletariat Pizza (same as last year)

Hardware: iPhone 4 and the Xbox 360 (not much change here)

Software: Kindle / Overdrive

Video Game: Mass Effect 2 (out in 2010 didn’t play till 2011)

Coffee: Monorail Espresso, Seattle, WA

Bar: Whistler, Chicago, IL

[2008 and 2009 Best of Lists & 2010 List]


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2011 Books in Review

From the looks of it 2011 was the year I read the rest of the Harry Potter series, a number of science titles, and took to a swath of Hitchens/Sagan/Orwell/Steinbeck (with notable exceptions for Woody Allen and The Hunger Games). This 2011 list doesn’t include the comics and poetry I’ve wasted lovingly enjoyed throughout the year. At any rate, Morrison’s Supergods was thee worst work I read and the best would have to go to Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark.

Goodreads bookshelf: 2011


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