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The Great Gatsby (2013)

Gotta say that The Great Gatsby was good but not great. Visually stunning yes, zany and wild sure, but it drops the ball in portraying Gatsby as he should be: calm, cool, and mysterious. Rather we get an angry mobster who loses control. I don’t recommend reading the book prior to seeing the movie, if you’re anything like me you’ll just keep tugging at strings and poking holes in things until there’s nothing left. For example, Jordan Baker is nearly non-existent as a character and T.J. Ecklberg is given completely different lines and portrayal. Small things certainly, but added with the misshapen Jay Gatsby and the story starts to lose what makes the book so compelling to begin with. Plus Fitzgerald really condemns the lifestyle of the uber-rich, while it is alluring and magnificent, it makes for shitty people and shitty culture. So all those “Gatsby Parties” people keep having don’t get it. Gatsby didn’t even attend his parties or even enjoy them. They were a means to an end. An end that turned up sour as hell.  /endrant




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