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The public library offers more bounties than the eyes, ears, or brain could ever wish to meet. My recent selections include a number of comics and other items, I will highlight two:

  • Heathentown – Corinna Sara Bechko (Author), Gabriel Hardman (Author)

I was highly expecting much more from this title. Unfortunately the story did disappoint and was a bit jumpy. It should have been drawn out more, developing the characters, themes, motifs, etc. It went from one thing to the next with little to no explanation. It left me saying, “oh ok”. Luckily the art made up for the time spent. In the picture above is a zombie Wooly Mammoth with non-other than a zombie cave-man riding it! How could they mess that up?! They did and in the end Heathentown has great art and an OK story.

  • The Silent World by Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau and Frédéric Dumas

I am little more than a few pages in and know that this is going to be a tremendous read. One that makes me wish I was born a young French boy listening to stories of Captain Cousteau and crew as they traversed the great unknown. Yet there’s nothing stopping me from pretending and enjoying this work with the gusto of young excitement. It’s easy to take for granted the pictures and story within as we’ve come along way in seafaring, thanks to J.Y. Cousteau and company. However, it is too easy to become immersed in his story-telling style. I can smell the sea, feel the cold breeze, and get my heart racing as they make new discoveries. Truly a work for which I cannot wait to finish and one that will begin my path to consuming other Cousteau books.


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