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Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

The trailer for Oblivion looked promising, however reviews largely emphasized boredom. Thusly, I never saw it.

Yet the concept and early reviews for Edge of Tomorrow piqued my interest. Somewhat reminiscent of Starship Troopers but without theĀ  war praise and nationalism; rather Edge of Tomorrow is firmly route in novel aspects of alien time, memory, and parasitic warfare. It’s hard not to compare it to Haldeman’s Forever War but Forever War is deeply rooted in its anti-coloniasm message and Vietnam-era feel. Edge of Tomorrow doesn’t get into politics in any real fashion, other than it gets in the way. The film is pure adrenaline and only in needed instances does it delve into emotional ties. These instances help build rapport between audience and lead characters. As a genre sci-fi military is in my wheelhouse; and given the film’s Japanese roots, based on the novel All You Need is Kill, it offers up a lone samurai feel as well. That said, go see this movie.




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