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Fallout New Vegas (2010)

It can be hard to review a game three years after the fact (and my game Q is bearing down on me). Especially since it is part of a franchise that released the Fallout 3 and Skyrim. However, New Vegas is by a different developer (Obsidian) than the aforementioned (Bethesda).

New Vegas is a bit too sparse for my liking, miles of nothing, and interactions that overwhelmingly feel empty. The first town you find yourself, Goodsprings, starts off just right, helping you build a sense of trust and empathy for a people beaten by the politics and atmosphere of gangs and mob rule. Soon after though you find yourself alone wandering the desert justifying your existence. Once things get going, you manage to build up quests, get into the main story, visit Vegas, interact positively and negatively with various settlements, etc.

At any rate, I think I am about 1/3 or half way through and the objectives all feel kind of the same. Maybe I am not giving it a fair shake, exploring enough, or being engaged but I can only invest so many hours before I realize that I’m not getting the same kick out of it as other RPGs (Dead Island for example is half as complex but twice as fun). The battle system is OK but with this type of game it is more about bringing down a meter of HP versus location and timing and with stealth and a sniper rifle: my dudette has been unstoppable. ¬†As new places and things (mutants, ghouls, etc.) become uncovered I stand unimpressed. The main element keeping me going is Rex, a loyal cyber-dog that recently had a brain transplant with the Legion’s fiercest fighting bitch, Lupa. My robotic dog is the best story-line so far. That and putting an end to Benny, leading up to this sweet piece.


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